Update 0.5.3: Title With Slug - A WordPress-like Permalink Plugin for FilamentPHP

Last week I used some free time to create my first FilamentPHP plugin. It was really fun to make. It emulates the good old classic WordPress-like permalink experience that everyone misses so much these days with the WordPress block editor (aka Gutenberg), am I right? 😉

All Releases: https://github.com/camya/filament-title-with-slug

The permalink package (available on GitHub) allows you to easily edit titles and slugs, just like the WordPress "classic editor" permalink Title & Slug implementation.

The Permalink Plugin is available on GitHub - Give it a Star ⭐️, if you like it.


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I created a small video for the "Title With Slug" input plugin. You can watch it below.

Some "Title With Slug" permalink features are:

  • Slug edit form.
  • "Visit" link to view the generated URL.
  • Auto-generates the slug from the title, if it has not already been manually updated.
  • Undo an edited slug.
  • All texts customizable and translatable.
  • Dark Mode supported.
  • Fully configurable, see all available parameters.

You ask about FilamentPHP? Here is a summary:

Filament (see documentation) is based on the TALL stack, aka TailwindCSS, AlpineJS, the Laravel-Framework, and Laravel Livewire.

Filament is a collection of tools for rapidly building beautiful TALL stack apps, designed for humans.

You should give it a try for sure. Have fun, Andreas.