Strange Microsoft Surface Covers

In the past, Microsoft has already released several enhancements to their critically acclaimed Surface Cover family. Here you can find a short and concise overview including prototypes & limited editions.

The Making of Touch Cover for Surface

Microsoft created a short video covering the first iteration of their now well-known and beloved Surface cover family. Learn about how the Touch Cover keyboard for Microsoft Surface was made.

The Surface Cover variants

Surface Music Kit (Music Cover)

The Surface Music Kit cover, a kind of DJ controller, is particularly unusual. This limited edition was never available in free trade. The Surface Music Cover could only be won in a remix contest.

"With the Surface Music Kit you can remix your favorite music and share it with the world. Or you can start at the beginning and record your very own song."

Surface DisplayCover Prototype

"The special feature of the DisplayCover is the multitouch display, which was installed above its keypad." Read our complete Surface DisplayCover article.

Surface Power Cover

"The Power Cover has moving buttons like a type cover and gives your Surface extra battery power."

Surface Pro 3 Type Cover

"Type covers are slim, traditional keyboards with movable keys. In terms of typing speed and typing feel, they are in no way inferior to traditional keyboards. And you can turn your tablet into a laptop in no time at all.

Surface Touch Cover

"The Touch Cover is a flat pressure-sensitive keyboard and protective cover in one. Fold the cover back to switch quickly between the laptop and tablet."

Surface Pro 4 Typecover

Surface Pro 4 Signature Type Cover

"Beauty to hold and behold. The new Signature Type Cover is covered in luxurious Alcantara® material."

You find many more videos on the Microsoft Surface Youtube channel.